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Are You Doing Enough to Build Your Brand?

Building a brand is as essential to a business as building character is to a person. As with character, the process involves balancing nature and nurture, reality and perception, planning and improvisation. It requires self-awareness, commitment to growth, and patience. Design/build remodelers have taken the first step by choosing a business model that highlights their creativity, but the process doesn’t stop there—or ever. This month we learn from two remodelers who have built strong, design-centered brands.



Sanford & Hawley owns a fleet of trucks that are just the right size and type to promptly deliver your order.
Field Service

At Sanford & Hawley, we have factory trained service staff and also provide warranty service for Lincoln, Kohltech, Northington and Taylor brand doors and windows.
Drive Through Lumber Yard

Our Unionville drive through lumber yard offers the convenience of loading materials into your vehicle while staying out of the elements.
Installed Sales

Stop into any one of our conveniently located branches and tell us about your next home improvement project.


Web Track

Watch this video to learn more about Web Track, our online shopping and account management tool for customers.

AdvanTech Flooring

Watch this informative video on AdvanTech flooring, the industry's leading subfloor for over a decade according to BUILDER Magazine's Annual Brand Use Study.

ZIP System® Sheathing

Watch this ZIP System® Sheathing and Tape Video

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