Protecting Interior Surfaces While Painting

Protecting Interior Surfaces While Painting

When you’re painting it’s inevitable that the excess paint on your brush or roller will come off in places that you don’t want it to. These are some reminders of things to protect so you don’t have to look at paint on it for the next several years (or you just want to save on paint thinner):

Move the furniture in
For obvious reasons, having your couch under a dripping paint bush may not be the best idea. To make your painting as easy as possible, be sure to move everything to the middle of the floor.

Speaking of the floor
After you have moved your furniture, it’s time to cover your floor. Newspaper works really well or if you have plastic sheets lying around, they will work well also.

Cover it up

For this task you will need some painter’s tape. You can also use masking tape but the painter’s tape seems to come off a little easier. Be sure to cover everything. This includes: outlets, door handles, light fixtures, windows, etc. Also, if you’re not planning on painting your ceiling, be sure to cover that, even if it is seemingly the same shade. Rollers may leave very visible marks on your ceiling, not to mention it will look strange if there is worn paint in one place and not in the other.

You’re important too
Make sure you’re covered up as well. Even the neatest painters get paint flying every once in a while.