Six Suggestions To Stay Safe While Power Washing

Six Suggestions To Stay Safe While Power Washing

It’s kind of like your mom telling you not to put your hand on a hot burner or your dad telling you not to jump into the alligator pit, but knowing safety is important in any aspect of dealing with equipment. It may seem obvious but being safe when using a power washer isn’t any different.

1) The first and most obvious rule is to never point the wand at any person or animal. This isn’t your standard garden hose and it packs a lot more punch.

2) Don’t leave the washer running without pulling the trigger to release the water for too long. This can cause the engine to overheat and you may be paying for another power washer.

3) Make sure to point the washer directly at siding instead of testing an upward angle. That is of course you want all of your siding to rip and tear off your house.

4) A few things not to do when the motor is running: Don’t fill the engine with gas and don’t try to repair a leak in the hose.

5) Don’t get too close to windows and glass doors. Often times the pressure will be high enough to shatter them.

6) Make sure the nozzle is secure before starting your project. You don’t want any flying projectiles going towards your house.