Advantages of Storm Doors

Advantages of Storm Doors

A storm door can stop the harsh natural elements of the weather from damaging your main door and save you money on your energy bills.  Storm doors are not cheap, but they are money well spent.

First there are three basic types of storm doors: full-view, ventilating, and retractable screen. Full-view storm doors usually include a full glass panel and an interchangeable screen. This screen can be physically changed out at anytime. Ventilating storm doors include a full or half screen that is always in position on the storm door. Ventilating storm doors are convenient because you can get cross ventilation in the house without the inconvenience of removing and storing a glass or screen panel. Retractable screen doors include a screen that is rolled up into the frame of the door when it is not being used. This type of door is typically referred to as a hybrid of the other two storm doors. The screen is connected to the top window of the storm door, and when not in use it automatically rolls up on a tensioned dowel in the top of the door. This provides a full-view door when not in use and a ventilating door when it is.

A storm door saves energy by creating a barrier between your home and the outside weather conditions.  Storm doors reduce the effects of air leaks that may come from the primary or main door. These type of doors also reduce heat conduction through the existing door by creating an insulating air pocket between the main door and the storm door. A tightly hung storm door will create an airlock if both doors are put tightly into place so as to form an effective seal when they are closed. This extra air space adds insulation to the house. Storm doors are not only meant for when the weather turns cold. They are also ideal for the summer.  When the weather warms up, storm door windows can be replaced with insect screens. These screens allow for better airflow through the house, helping limit the need for air conditioning.

A storm door provides protection by keeping the rain, ice, and snow from building up in the doorway. It will also add security to your home. Storm doors come with an extra lock providing an added level of security against break-ins. 

Storm doors come in many different styles and the advantages of storm doors can add value to your home.  Protecting your house from bad weather, increasing ventilation, and adding security are all great advantages to having a storm door.