Kitchen Trends

Kitchen Trends

Is your kitchen due for a makeover? Do you just want to refresh the space or adapt it to your family’s changing needs? There are some great kitchen trends that could be just the facelift your culinary space needs.

Top Kitchen Trends to Consider

There are many trendy options for kitchens of all sizes and shapes, not to mention personal preference styles and renovation budgets. If you’re planning a kitchen redo, consider these top trends to make the most of your space.

  • Open Shelves – Instead of banks of cabinets, open shelving adds airiness to the kitchen and can showcase beautiful dishes and glassware. Shelves can be customized, such as plate racks or including cup hooks, or you could simply take the doors off cabinetry for deeper shelves that are easier to access. Add a pop of color by painting the interior in surprising, eye-catching shades.
  • Concealed Appliances – If you have mismatched appliances or just don’t care for wide swaths of stainless steel or other appliance fronts, add a coordinated look to your kitchen by concealing them with cabinet fronts that match your kitchen finishes. This also helps declutter the space and gives the room a cozier feel without losing any of its functionality.
  • Big Backsplashes – Make a statement with your backsplash by using a bigger panel to cover the space. This is a great opportunity to draw the eye into your kitchen with artisan brick, a mural-like art piece, or a marble slab that matches countertops. You can also opt for a functional backsplash with an oversized chalkboard for noting grocery lists, recipes, or cooking tips.
  • Color – All-white kitchens may look fresh and modern, but they can also be boring or become overwhelming. Instead, consider soft, warm, welcoming colors such as green, yellow, or blue to bring life to your kitchen. Consider painting the kitchen island or even choosing a colored range for a pop of unexpected and smile-worthy color.
  • Simple Cabinetry – Refresh your kitchen and give it a more modern look by simplifying the cabinetry. Smooth, uncluttered surfaces are more relaxing, and avoiding crown molding, decorative edging, and other details will give your kitchen a better sense of space. For even less clutter, choose touch-sensitive opening or concealed pulls instead of clunky hardware.
  • Pantry Organization – Never lose ingredients again when you organize your pantry space or create a dedicated larder. Door shelves, spice racks, custom shelf spacing, turntables, removable baskets, easy-to-read labels, and other tricks can help you make the most of the pantry so all your foods and spices are easy to find and access.
  • Custom Storage – If you are planning to redo  your kitchen’s cabinetry, it’s the perfect time to customize your kitchen storage. Create a coffee bar, built in spice rack, storage for small appliances, tray-friendly racks, and other spaces so you can keep your kitchen organized well with all the tools and paraphernalia you use most.
  • Charging Station – Give tech gadgets a dedicated space in a convenient kitchen drawer with a built-in charging station. This will keep cords better organized and avoid countertop mishaps, as well as provide a space for phones, tablets, e-readers, iPods, and other devices to safely recharge without interrupting meals.
  • Custom Hardware – It’s easy to update the look and feel of your kitchen cabinetry just by choosing new hardware. Instead of basic knobs and drawer pulls, add a theme to the hardware or choose unusual options such as leather pulls, personalized knobs, or vintage hardware that will give your kitchen a unique vibe while still being easy to use.
  • Unconventional Materials – Add a surprising touch to your kitchen with unusual materials, such as a concrete countertop or a brass backsplash. Reclaimed wood is another popular option, as is exposed brick, both of which add a rustic feel to the space. Of course, different stones, butcher block, and more familiar choices remain popular.
  • Pet Built-Ins – Don’t forget your four-legged family members when renovating your kitchen. If space permits, converting a lower cabinet to a built-in pet feeding station, a small kennel space or bedding area, or a cozy litter box can be a great option to add more functionality to the kitchen and eliminate the need for out-of-place pet accessories.

Choosing Your Kitchen Style

Ultimately, the best trend to follow is one that works not only for your allotted kitchen space and renovation budget, but also for the needs and preferences of you and your family. Keep in mind not just a trend you’re excited about, but whether you will continue to enjoy your new kitchen features months and even years later. If you might move in years to come, consider resale value and whether your renovations may appeal to a potential buyer. The kitchen is the hub of your home and family, and a room that serves as space for food preparation, cooking, eating, meeting, and more deserves a truly amazing makeover that you’ll enjoy for years.